Micronization service

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to present you our modern micronization service, which is a perfect solution for the processing of cereals, feed, herbs and fruit and vegetable pomace. Our company specializes in providing high-quality micronization services, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction through an innovative approach and modern technologies.

Our offer includes:

  1. Micronization of Cereals:

    We will provide optimal conditions for grain micronization to preserve their nutritional value and improve digestibility. This process produces beans with excellent texture and flavor.

  2. Feed micronization:

    Thanks to our micronization technology, we will improve the nutritional value of feed, ensuring excellent absorption of nutrients. Our solutions will contribute to the health and performance of animals.

  3. Micronization of Herbs:

    We offer a unique approach to micronizing herbs, which preserves their natural healing and aromatic properties. Our technologies ensure that herbs are ready for use in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmacy and food production.

  4. Micronization of Fruit and Vegetable Pomace:

    Our company offers a specialized service of micronization of fruit and vegetable pomace, obtaining valuable ingredients and preserving delicious aromas. This process enables the full potential of pomace in the production of food and beverages.

  5. General Micronization Services:

    In addition to dedicated micronization processes for various substances, we also offer general micronization services, tailored to individual customer needs, e.g. micronization of biomass, micronization of bee pollen.

Why is it worth using our services?

  • Experience: We have many years of experience in the industry, which allows us to provide services at the highest level.
  • Modern Technologies: Our plant is equipped with the most modern micronization machines, which guarantees the effectiveness and precision of the process, we micronize in the range of 20 µm ÷ 200 µm. We have the ability to sterilize the product, ensuring the biological purity of the product.
  • Safety and Compliance: We work to the highest safety and hygiene standards, ensuring full compliance with industry standards ISO 22000 and ISO 14001, and we are ECO certified. We pack the finished product in 20kg HDPE paper bags or customer packaging.
  • Prices: determined individually.

Please contact us for detailed information about our micronization services. We are ready to adapt our solutions to your individual needs.

What is micronization?

Micronization is the process of mechanically processing substances to obtain particles of very small sizes, usually in the micrometer (µm) range or smaller. This advanced process is used in various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and agricultural.

The basic goals of micronization are:

  1. Improving physical properties: Micronization produces very small particles, which can improve material properties such as consistency, solubility and chemical reactivity.
  2. Increasing bioavailability: In the food and pharmaceutical industries, micronization is often used to increase the bioavailability of active substances by organisms, which may affect the effectiveness of drugs or the nutritional value of food.
  3. Obtaining a uniform structure: Micronization allows you to obtain a uniform structure, which is important in the production of materials with uniform properties.
  4. Preserving aroma and flavor: In the case of food products, micronization allows you to preserve the natural flavor and aroma of raw materials, while improving their texture.
  5. Increasing the active surface area: Fine particles have a larger surface area compared to larger ones, which is beneficial in the case of chemical processes, substance absorption or surface reactions.

In the context of micronization of cereals, feed, herbs, as well as fruit and vegetable pomace, this process is used to grind raw materials into very small particles, which improves their properties and facilitates their further processing in various industries.