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Polish producer of dietary fibers

As a Polish producer of dietary fibers, we try to respond to the growing market demand for healthy and ecological products. Thanks to our innovative production processes, we can ensure that our EKO dietary fiber retains all its valuable nutrients and health properties. The Polish manufacturer of dietary fibers FIBERCARE is constantly striving to improve and develop its offer to meet the expectations of our customers. We introduce new technologies, analyze market trends and listen to the opinions of our partners.

Ability to produce products at the lowest cost

We are a proven fiber manufacturer, not just a distributor like most of our competitors, so our prices are among the best on the market.

Producer of ECO fiber

We are a proud producer of EKO dietary fiber, trying to deliver the highest quality product to the domestic market. Our company is committed to the idea of ecological production and sustainable development, which is why we make sure that our dietary fiber is produced based on the recommendations of the European Union, while meeting the highest quality standards, such as ISO 22000 and ISO 14001. As a manufacturer of EKO dietary fiber, our priority is to provide our customers with the best possible product. Our fiber is carefully selected from organic crops, which is one of the healthiest and most valuable sources of dietary fiber. By choosing our product, you can be sure that you are using nature in its purest form, without chemical additives or pesticides.

Dietary fibre offer