Oat fiber

We offer several basic types of this fibre.

  1. Oat fiber, obtained from oat husks with high fiber content (from 55 to 80%).
  2. Oat fiber, obtained from oat seed cover, with around 20% of fiber and 7% of betaglucan.

Oat grain is a valuable source of many biologically active substances, which are contained in both oat bran and husk.

Oat husk is characterized by a very high content of dietary fiber and is an excellent source of insoluble fractions.

Oat bran is characterized by a high content of dietary fiber, protein, and beta-glucans, which are classified as soluble starch polysaccharides with a documented health promoting effect.

FIBERCARE oat fibers are products in a loose form, with a characteristic oat taste and smell, sensory indifferent to other ingredients, with a high capacity to bind water and oil, they perfectly fit into the structure of food products. They are used as a valuable enrichment additive and as a filler and stabilizer of texture and freshness of products in many food processing industries.

Oat fibers are available in standard lengths, from 20 to 200 microns or larger on request.

FIBERCARE oat fibers can be used independently of each other, but they can also be mixed in any proportion appropriate for the desired effect.